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bbhugme Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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bbhugme review

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I absolutely ADORE this pillow! Let me tell you, it's a game-changer!

When I first laid eyes on the $200 price tag, I was like, "Whoa, is this for real?" But let me tell you, after diving into countless reviews on different platforms, I couldn't resist giving it a shot. And boy, oh boy, did it steal my heart!

I LOVE Everything About This bbhugme Pregnancy Pillow!

At the time, I was struggling with side sleeping, which I heard was ideal for the baby. But my goodness, my back and knees were killing me! And that adorable tube-shaped cat pillow? Well, it just didn't cut it. Too stuffed, not enough body-molding goodness. And regular pillows? Ugh, they were as flat as pancakes and took up way too much space. But then, I found THE pillow. It's like it was custom-made for me! The way it perfectly fits my body's curves is pure bliss. And those magical micro-beads inside? They effortlessly adjust to my shape, providing unparalleled comfort. No pushback like those ordinary pillows. Plus, the cover is a breeze to put on and take off, and it's machine-washable, making life a whole lot easier.

bbhugme review

There's more! This versatile wonder can be laid straight like a tube, wrapped around my lower back for cozy reading in bed, draped over my shoulder for that extra bit of support, and formed into a snug round shape for nursing. And get this—it even supports the baby during tummy time and when they're practicing to sit up. It's a true all-in-one superstar!

bbhugme review

Oh, if only I had discovered this heavenly pillow sooner! During my first trimester, I battled with GERD (acid reflux) like a warrior, unable to lie flat for an entire month. I resorted to piling up two regular pillows, but let me tell you, my neck, shoulders, and lower back paid the price. And when I finally stumbled upon the bbhugme pillow, with its versatile positions and heavenly upper body support, I couldn't help but kick myself for not finding it earlier. Talk about a life-changer!

Now, let's address the price tag that initially raised my eyebrows. But guess what? The reviews, my friend, the REVIEWS! They convinced me this was no ordinary purchase. People were raving about how they had wasted their money on other pregnancy pillows before finding their true love in this one. And can we talk about the long-term investment? This pillow isn't just for the pregnancy journey; it becomes the favorite of the entire household. Bedroom? Check. Living room? Check. It's a keeper! So, when you spread that $200 cost over several years (including subsequent pregnancies), it's a total no-brainer.

If I had to nitpick...

I'd say the only thing I am not getting from this pillow right now is that simultaneous front and back support. Being I-shaped, it doesn't quite cater to my back when I decide to hold it while sleeping. But hey, I've got a trick up my sleeve. I now team up with my trusty cat pillow, strategically placing it behind me to prevent any rollovers to the flat side. Some customers, though, claim they've mastered the art of folding the pillow into a U-shape, getting the best of both worlds—front and back support. You bet I'm gonna give that a whirl!

Bottom Line

Trust me, folks, this pillow is the real deal. It's a slice of heaven crafted just for you and your little bundle of joy. So don't wait like I did—embrace the magic of the bbhugme pillow, and you'll wonder how you ever survived without it! Get ready for a whole new level of pillow paradise!

Get this bbhugme Adjustable Pregnancy Pillow on Amazon:


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