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Lovevery Reviews: The Play Gym and What Parents Say About It

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

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Lovevery Reviews: The Play Gym

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As a new parent, you want to give your baby the best start in life. That's where the Lovevery Play Gym comes in—a Parent's Choice award-winning product designed to engage and nurture your child's development from newborn to toddlerhood. In this friendly and accessible review, we'll dive into the features that make this play mat a must-have for new parents. We'll also explore real experiences from other parents who have tested the Lovevery Play Gym with their little ones. So, let's get started on this exciting journey of discovery!

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Key Features of the Lovevery Play Gym

The Lovevery Play Gym is packed with features that will keep your baby entertained and aid in their development:

Grows with Your Child

This play mat is designed to adapt as your child grows, starting from newborn age and continuing through their first year. It offers stage-based activities that cater to your baby's changing needs, ensuring they have engaging playtime at every developmental milestone.

5 Developmental Zones

The Play Gym is divided into five distinct zones, each designed to foster exploration and growth. These zones feature different activities and sensory experiences that stimulate your baby's senses and encourage their cognitive and motor skill development.

Detachable Activity Toys and Cards

Lovevery Reviews: The Play Gym

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The Lovevery Play Gym comes with four detachable activity toys and four sets of cards. These toys and cards are thoughtfully designed to provide age-appropriate stimulation and promote various skills, from hand-eye coordination to visual tracking. They can be easily attached and removed from the gym, keeping playtime exciting and interactive.

Expert-Developed Play Guide

Lovevery Reviews: The Play Gym

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Lovevery has collaborated with child development experts to create a Play Guide filled with stage-based tips and activities. This guide helps parents understand their baby's developmental needs and provides ideas for playtime that promote growth and learning. It's like having a personal coach to guide you through your baby's early years!

Play Space Cover

Lovevery Reviews: The Play Gym

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As your little one transitions from infant to toddler, the Play Space Cover transforms the play mat into a cozy fort. This feature adds an extra element of imagination and fun, creating a safe space where your toddler can let their imagination run wild.

What Parents Say About The Lovevery Play Gym

To give you a comprehensive picture of the Lovevery Play Gym, let's hear from other parents who have tested it with their little ones:


Highly Rated for a Reason

Many parents praised the Lovevery Play Gym for its quality, durability, and comfortable mat. They found the materials soft and cozy, creating a safe and enjoyable environment for their babies. The attention to detail, such as the detachable toys and cards, received high praise for their engaging and age-appropriate design.

Engaging and Captivating

Parents shared how their babies were instantly captivated by the Lovevery Play Gym. The activities and sensory experiences provided by the different zones kept their little ones entertained and stimulated. The hanging toys at various heights added excitement, while the fold-up cards section became a favorite spot for tummy time and cognitive development.

Longevity and Value

Reviewers appreciated the Play Gym's ability to grow with their child. The option to transform it into a tent extended its usability beyond the infant stage, creating a fun play space for toddlers. While the price was mentioned as a consideration, parents felt that the gym's quality, durability, and extended use justified the investment.


While the Lovevery Play Gym received overwhelmingly positive feedback, a few areas for improvement were mentioned by reviewers:

Ease of Use and Storage

Some parents found it a bit challenging to fold and store the Play Gym due to the rigidity of the wooden arches. However, the gym's ease of assembly and disassembly was appreciated, as no tools were required. It was also mentioned that the gym has a relatively large footprint, which might be a consideration for those with limited space.

Hanging Toy Positioning

A few reviewers suggested improvements in the positioning of the hanging toys to allow for easier access and variety. They expressed a desire for additional options to customize the toys, enabling a more personalized play experience for their babies.

Price Consideration

The Lovevery Play Gym is priced higher compared to some other play gyms on the market. While this was mentioned as a consideration, reviewers emphasized the value, longevity, and engagement provided by the gym, making it worth the investment for their child's development.

Bottom Line

As a new parent, you want the best for your little one, and the Lovevery Play Gym delivers just that. With its thoughtful design, engaging activities, and stage-based approach, it becomes a valuable companion in your baby's developmental journey. The positive feedback from other parents highlights its quality, durability, and longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for your child's playtime needs. So, go ahead and give your child the gift of exploration and growth with the Lovevery Play Gym—a world of wonders awaits them!


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