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Zipadee Sleep Sack

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Zipadee Sleep Sack

The right sleepwear can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a peaceful night's sleep for our little ones. One product that has garnered attention in the parenting community is the SleepingBaby Zipadee-Zip Transition Swaddle. With a rating of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (4.4) on Amazon, it promises to be a game-changer for many parents. But does it live up to the hype? Let's dive into the pros and cons based on real user reviews.

What Is A Zipadee Sleep Sack?

A Zipadee-Zip Sleepsack is a unique wearable blanket designed for babies who are transitioning from the traditional swaddle. It's a product by the brand SleepingBaby. Here's a breakdown of its features and purpose:

  1. Transition Tool: The Zipadee-Zip is primarily used to help babies transition from being swaddled tightly in a blanket or swaddle wrap to sleeping with more freedom of movement. This transition can be challenging for some babies due to the startle reflex, which can cause them to wake up suddenly.

  2. Star-shaped Design: Unlike traditional swaddles that pin the baby's arms to their sides or across their chest, the Zipadee-Zip has a star-shaped design. This design allows babies to move their arms and legs freely inside the sack, but it still provides a slight resistance that mimics the secure feeling of a swaddle.

  3. Safety: The design ensures that babies can roll over safely and have full access to their arms and legs. This is especially important for babies who are starting to roll over, as traditional swaddles can restrict movement and pose a safety risk.

  4. Self-soothing: The Zipadee-Zip allows babies to find their hands, aiding in self-soothing, which is essential for helping them sleep independently.

  5. Versatile Use: Beyond sleep, the Zipadee-Zip can also be used for playtime, providing a safe and cozy environment for babies to move around.

  6. Material and Design Variance: The Zipadee-Zip comes in various materials and designs. Some are made of 100% cotton, while others might be a blend of polyester and spandex.

In essence, the Zipadee-Zip Sleepsack is a transitional sleep tool designed to bridge the gap between swaddling and free movement, ensuring babies sleep safely and comfortably.

Pros and Cons of Zipadee Sleep Sack


  1. Effective Transition: The Zipadee Sleep Sack is specifically designed to aid babies in moving away from the confines of traditional swaddles. The startle reflex is a natural reaction in infants where they feel like they're falling, causing them to jolt awake. The Zipadee provides enough resistance to mitigate this reflex without completely restricting the baby's movement, making the transition smoother and more comfortable.

  2. Improved Sleep: A significant number of parents have reported noticeable improvements in their baby's sleep patterns after using the Zipadee Sleep Sack. Not only do babies tend to sleep more soundly, but the duration of their sleep also increases. Some parents even noted that their babies began sleeping through the entire night, a milestone achievement for many.

  3. Safety: One of the primary concerns for parents is the safety of their child, especially during sleep. The Zipadee Sleep Sack addresses this by ensuring babies can move their arms and legs freely. This is crucial as it allows babies who are learning to roll over to do so without any hindrance, reducing the risk of them getting stuck in a compromising position.

  4. Self-Soothing: An essential aspect of helping babies sleep independently is their ability to self-soothe. The design of the Zipadee Sleep Sack enables babies to find and suck on their hands, a common self-soothing technique, without the risk of scratching themselves.

  5. Variety in Materials: Parents appreciate choices, and the Zipadee Sleep Sack delivers on this front. Depending on the pattern chosen, the material of the sack can vary. This allows parents to select a material that they feel would be most comfortable for their baby, be it cotton, polyester, or a blend.


  1. Fabric Quality: While the Zipadee Sleep Sack offers numerous benefits, some parents expressed concerns about the fabric's quality. Descriptions ranged from it being too thin to being similar to a see-through t-shirt. Additionally, its tendency to absorb moisture and dry slowly can be problematic, especially for babies who drool excessively.

  2. Zipper Design: A few parents raised concerns about the design of the zipper, particularly its tendency to bunch up near the baby's face. This could pose a potential hazard, especially for smaller babies who might find it obstructive or uncomfortable.

  3. Price Point: Quality baby products often come with a higher price tag, and while many see the benefits of the Zipadee Sleep Sack, some users felt that it was a bit overpriced considering the fabric quality and overall design.

  4. Material Inconsistency: While variety is a plus, the inconsistency in materials between different patterns can be confusing for buyers. This variance can affect how the product fits and feels, leading to potential dissatisfaction if the material doesn't match a parent's expectations.

Bottom Line: The SleepingBaby Zipadee-Zip Transition Swaddle is a valuable tool for parents looking to transition their babies from traditional swaddles. It offers improved sleep and safety features. However, potential buyers should consider the fabric quality and price point.

Zipadee Zip vs. Love To Dream Swaddle Comparison

Choosing the right sleep sack can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a good night's sleep for your baby. Two popular choices among parents are the Zipadee Zip and the Love to Dream Swaddle. Both products have garnered attention and praise, but how do they stack up against each other? Let's dive deep into a comparison based on expert reviews and real-life experiences from parents.


Both the Zipadee Zip and the Love to Dream Swaddle are designed to help babies sleep better. However, they cater to different stages of a baby's life and have distinct features. Here's a breakdown:

Zipadee Zip Swaddle Transition Sleep Sack

  • Purpose: Ideal for transitioning away from swaddling, especially when the Moro reflex is still present.

  • Safety: Safe for babies who are rolling over.

  • Design: Prevents babies from feeling like they're falling and protects those with eczema or those who scratch themselves.

  • Variety: Comes in various styles and even in toddler sizes.

  • Mobility: Offers some resistance in the arms, making it slightly harder for babies to move them, which can be comforting for some infants.

  • Practicality: While some parents mentioned it can bunch up, there are tricks like using hair bands and waterproof diaper covers to manage this.

Love To Dream Swaddle

Parental Feedback

When it comes to the Love to Dream Swaddle and the Zipadee Zip, the parent feedback is rich. Here are some personal anecdotes and practical tips:

Love to Dream Swaddle's Self-soothing Advantage

Many parents with newborns with a habit of startling awake shared that the babies benefited immensely from the Love to Dream Swaddle. The arm-up design allowed the baby to self-soothe by bringing their hands to the mouth, a natural reflex that the traditional swaddles restricted.

Other parents shared that the dual zipper feature of the Love to Dream Swaddle made nighttime diaper changes a breeze, minimizing disruptions and ensuring the baby went back to sleep quickly.

Zipadee Zip's Sleep-Through Magic

Some parents say their babies who had been waking up multiple times a night began sleeping through the night within a week of transitioning to the Zipadee Zip. They believed the slight resistance in arm movement provided a comforting, cocoon-like feeling.

Some parents praised the product for its versatility, noting that their babies could roll, crawl, and even stand in their cribs without any hindrance.

Transitioning Between the Two Products

Many parents shared their journey of first using the Love to Dream Swaddle for their newborn, appreciating its intuitive design that mimicked the baby's natural sleeping position. However, as the baby became more active around the 4-month mark, they transitioned to the Zipadee Zip, which offered more freedom of movement while still providing the snugness her baby loved.

Some parents highlighted how they started with the Love to Dream for nighttime sleep and used the Zipadee Zip for naps, eventually transitioning entirely to the Zipadee Zip as the baby's mobility increased.

Material and Comfort Considerations

Parents in general praise the breathable material of both products. They appreciated that they could adjust the baby's clothing underneath based on the weather, ensuring her baby was neither too hot nor too cold.

The durability of both sleep sacks is also widely appreciated. Parents were impressed that even after multiple washes, both the Love to Dream and Zipadee Zip retained their shape and softness.

Final Thoughts on the Comparison

Choosing between the Zipadee Zip and the Love To Dream Swaddle ultimately depends on your baby's age, specific needs, and personal preferences. For newborns or as baby shower gifts, the Love To Dream Swaddle UP is often recommended. However, for babies nearing or older than 4 months, especially those not using pacifiers or not crawling during self-settling, the Zipadee Zip is a top choice.

Remember, every baby is unique. It might take some trial and error, but with patience, you'll find the perfect fit for your little one's peaceful slumber.

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